A few instructions to help you keep your Mishanto jewellery looking as great as the day you bought it…

1. Avoid wearing your jewellery while bathing, showering or swimming. Liquid, minerals and chemicals at high temperatures, can permanently damage the plating.
2. Remove bracelets and hand-jewellery when washing or moisturising your hands. Soaps, lotions and creams can react with plating, causing discolouration and tarnishing of the gold layer.
3. Remove jewellery when cleaning, as household chemicals can damage the plating.
4. Take off your Mishanto jewellery before exercising. Chemicals produced by your body during excessive perspiration may cause tarnishing.
5. Avoid wearing your Mishanto jewellery to bed, as it may tangle and break.
6. Store your jewellery away from direct sunlight and or heat, as this may cause jewellery to oxidise and or tarnish. When not wearing, try to store all your jewellery in its box or a pouch.
7. Keep your jewellery separate, to avoid scratching and tangling.
8. Ensure jewellery is dry before putting it away. Moisture may speed up the tarnishing of both silver and gold plating.

9. Your item of jewellery is fully guaranteed against any defect in craftsmanship, including gold plating for a period of one year from the date of purchase