Mishanto is the brand that we have created with just one person in mind: you.

Our company dates back to 1932 and heritage lies at the core of our brand. We have dealt in the finest gemstones and period jewellery and have created spectacular pieces for private clients over the years, but recently decided to focus our knowledge and creativity on collections of beautiful and accessible jewellery.

Definitions by Mishanto, crafted in sterling silver with 18ct gold vermeil or rhodium plating combined with a wonderful palette of fine faceted and cabochon-cut semi-precious gemstones. Our expert team checks each item before it can carry our signature ‘M’.


Synergy by Mishanto, fine diamonds and gemstones are mounted in beautiful designs and superbly finished to maximize their brilliance. Remaining true to our roots, we still offer a fully bespoke service creating truly special, one of a kind pieces.

We are passionate about our jewellery – made to be worn and not kept in a box. It is truly chic and feminine, designed to be worn by women everywhere.